I'll start with Caleb, the Jim to my Pam, the Luke to my Lorelai, the Ben to my Leslie, and on some days, the Andy to my April. We've been together for 10 years (high fives to my fellow high school sweethearts reading this right now) and we're still that playful, head over heels in love couple who fell in love at 17.

My dream is to be a social entrepreneur and wedding photography allows me to do that. Sounds kind of surprising right? Head on over to my pricing page to read all about how I use work to support the causes I believe in. 

Alysha Christine


Kitty mama of 2 (Pippa & Theo)          Barre 3 - Yoga - Hiking          Left Handed + Vegan

Hello from Seattle, WA

Based out of Seattle, WA


"Alysha is the absolute best and we were extra lucky to have Caleb assist her in taking our photos!! They are the dream team: flexible, deliver nothing but excellence, and up for an adventure. Alysha creates magic through the use of light in her photos and her ability to capture those special candid moments. She has a very keen eye and incredible creative flair.  She is also one of the nicest people I've ever met and makes you feel like an absolute queen before every click! Book her now and tell everyone as this girl is going places!"

"Alysha photographed my wedding in 2014 and also did an anniversary session with my husband and I in 2016. Not only is she an incredible photographer with the ability to make you feel super comfortable in front of the camera, she's also the sweetest person ever! It was a joy to have her on our wedding day. We keep in touch to this day! I'm so thankful to have found a photographer who truly cared about the details of the wedding but more importantly, cared about Stephen and I as people. She's absolutely wonderful!"

"If you're looking for a photographer, look no further!!!! Alysha was the sweetest, easiest to be around person ever. She made us feel SO comfortable taking pictures all day and I haven't quit staring at our photos since she got them back to us. Seriously couldn't have had a better experience with her and just how helpful she was from day one. Thanks so much Alysha for making our special day even better and giving us the PERFECT pictures to cherish for the rest of our lives!!"

The Short & Sweet

In a sentence, I will hustle my ass off for you on your wedding day. Period.

You can expect to hear back from me quickly, probably with a few emojis and mayyyybe a GIF to go with it (yes I have been referred to, on more than one occasion, as the gif queen) So when you need something, you just let me know. Obviously I love dreamy, golden hour light, and gorgeous getting ready locations as much as the next girl, but things don’t always go as planned on the wedding day and the good news is I got you sister and I will make bomb photos rain or shine. 100 + weddings in and I have yet to meet a tough lighting situation I can’t handle. So no stress, okay? Let’s be real though, the absolute, hands down happiest part of working with me is when you get that email with your wedding gallery - get ready for all the feels because it’s got all the pretty things and goodies from your wedding. I’m already looking forward to pressing the send button on that email :) 


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I believe connection is about choosing each other over and over again. I believe in the desire for adventure and the choice to wander. I believe a life filled with love should include windblown, tousled hair full of mountain air. With long car rides up the mountain side and with wanderlust feet dipped in the river. With slow mornings sipping hot coffee with your legs draped over his lap, snuggled up close in the space between his arm and chest, a place that was made for you to rest and call home.
I believe that when he holds you, you feel the full weight of what it means to be loved, and to be loved deeply. When he embraces you, when he kisses you, when he looks into your soul and sees you, it’s that kind of love that calms your heart and awakens your wild soul. 
His choice to love you, his decision to choose you, and only you, sets your heart on fire to love life more fully, and to chase adventure in your life together. I believe that marriage is about choosing each other, every day, forever. Together, you are a family and that is what allows you to linger in the profound love you share every day.