In a sentence, I will hustle my ass off for you on your wedding day. Period. Here's what else you should know about working with me. You can expect to hear back from me quickly, probably with a few emojis and mayyyybe a GIF to go with it (yes I have been referred to, on more than one occasion, as the gif queen). So when you need something, you just let me know. Obviously I love dreamy, golden hour light, and gorgeous getting ready locations as much as the next girl, but things don’t always go as planned on the wedding day and the good news is I got you sister and I will make bomb photos rain or shine. 100 + weddings in and I have yet to meet a tough lighting situation I can’t handle. So no stress, okay?

Here’s to a classic love that warms those cozy autumn nights, a marriage full of cherished days together, and a charming life of romance and laughter. 

"Alysha was the sweetest, easiest to be around person ever. She made us feel so comfortable taking pictures all day and I haven't quit staring at our pictures since she got them back to us. Seriously couldn't have had a better experience with her and just how helpful she was from day one."